Thursday, May 12, 2011

new weekly feature: Timeout Thursdays

So here I am, riding the couch. no sewing, no crafting, no cleaning, no anything. I awoke Sunday morning (Happy Mom's day to me right?) with a headache, sore throat, fever and feeling like I'd smoked about 5 packs of cigarettes...and I've been tobacco free for 2 years. Anyhow long story short, I went to my docs and I have bronchitis.

 Today marks the 3rd day of antibiotics, which is another way to say that I feel almost 100%, as long as my rear is parked on the couch not doing anything.

The bright side is that I'm getting caught up on my blog reading, the down side is that I have to restrain myself from getting up and doing any of the items on my oh so long to do list, and because I'm getting caught up on my blog reading I'm adding more and more projects to that same list!

This got me thinking, Why not institute a feature day?
Thus Timeout Thursdays is born!

This will give the the chance to stay current with my fave blogs, and introduce my readers to blogs and projects they may have been missing out on, Like this one from Flamingo Toes;
Love, love, love the chicken wire!

Or this beauty from Dreamingincolor

so sweet!

and this Vintage sheet turned dress from The Cottage Home just makes me wish I had a little girl to sew for:
and her bowl covers are so cute and perfect for every pot luck gathering!

Hopefully I will be back soon with projects of my own to share in the meantime I will just continue to drool over everyone else's!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jumping on the band wagon!

So I am totally in love with these star quilts that are cropping up all over blogland..and now AmandaJean of Crazy Mom Quilts is also working on one and I figure it's perfect for when my back just isn't up to sitting at the sewing machine. So after a quick stop at Joann's today to get some template plastic I'm going to get some prepping done in time to start sewing tonight while we watch our DVRed DWTS and Glee. Can't wait to snap some pictures of my own!

Pictures tomorrow!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A sewing weekend!

It feels like it has been years since Jan Ome (janome..get it? yeah I'm THAT dork! LOL!) and I have been able spend any time together, but we've been making up for it this weekend!

It feels so good to be getting some projects ticked off my list! Michael (AKA Minion 3) got a TV in his room for his 13th birthday (yes, we are those parents..all of our boys had to wait until they were teens to have their own personal tv) But after putting so much work into refinishing his vintage dresser, Hubby didn't want to put the table straight onto that painted surface. Sadly, that means that Michael's TV has been sitting on his bedroom floor since Feburary 6th waiting to be set up.

Now, I don't feel too awful about it, he pretty much uses the tv in the living room constantly since that is where the Xbox and Wii are, but in keeping with my quest to end the procrastinating and getting our house in order It's time to get his room Finished! At least as much as possible for now, the major construction of the reading nook won't be happening until the decluttering and downsizing is complete.

So today I took an hour to whip him up a simple quilted table/tv pad (Runner) He picked the fabrics (kid has a good eye!) and it will fit right in in his room! My only wish is that I'd used smaller strips of white and used them between each fabric. But he loves it and that is what matters!

Last Night I also whipped up some Mug rugs, they are just waiting for the bindings to be sewn down and then they will be winging their way to Ireland :)

I've got more news and some great thrifty finds for you, but I'll save those for later in the week!

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fantastic Giveaways all month at Rusty Rooster Vintage blog!

Let me tell you, even if you don't enter the contest, you will definitely want to NOT miss a single post!

Please show my new bloggy friend, Vicki, some love and check out her blog!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting the house dressed for spring!

So last night was one of my insomnia nights..I couldn't even get sleepy, let alone actually fall asleep. So I did a a couple of quiet chores and then got some more work done on some projects, and started and finished a couple of others.

One of the started and finished projects was this Rabbit. I knew I wanted a Rabbit to center my easter/spring display on my kitchen buffet around and I had an picture in my mind of what I wanted. I didn't have a lot of luck until I walked into Walmart last week to grab some masking tape.

There he was, the bunny I had been looking for! The only drawback was that he was grey, and I wanted white. I bought him anyway and with a little help from my Favorite shade of Americana paint (bleached sand) I have a white rabbit for my kitchen!

Now, my kitchen buffet has been taking a beating here lately, Have you ever noticed how whenever you are working on a major project or if you are feeling down that the hot spots in your home go completely crazy and out of control?
Exhibit A.
I wish I could blame it all on the guys..but I'm just as bad about it, especially when I am in one of those funks. This is just an example of pure laziness on all of our parts, it took me all of 10 minutes to gather everything up and..GASP...Put it away!!!

Ahh..Now isn't that better? Clean and tidy with a new White Rabbit center stage!
All that is missing are my stuffed eggs that I haven't made yet...and I think the rabbit needs some glaze.. I will have to think on that one!

hehe the little chick was a dollar store buy for the fun of it, Nefferkitty isn't real sure of it when it is hopping around, but CleoKatra doesn't even spare it a glance. She's such a Diva.
The little blue birds are actually salt and pepper shakers that I scored at Loot last week, and the plate they are sitting on was the goodwill buy I posted about last post.
And don't the vintage Milk bottles look great with the fresh daisy stems?!
Once I am able to uncover more flat surfaces in the house (it's been a several week funk..At least I was awake and fairly even tempered!), I'll probably do some shifting around, try to get away from the symetrical feel it's got going on, but this works for now ;)

What about you? Are you ready for spring yet?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Antiquing with Hubby, Craigslits buys and Goodwill Scores!

Ok, I can hear what you're thinking..How on earth is going shopping going to help decrapify our home?

Well, in an odd way, it does.

See, as we find new accessories and furniture we are able to get rid of the rattier, crapified stuff, which makes the place look nicer, which in turn means that we are better about not letting crap build up.

The rules of acquisition are thus:
Does it have a use?
Will it have a "home"?
Do you love it?
Does it fit the budget?
Will you discard something else in order to bring it home?

If the answers are yes, then it's all good, if I answer no, it needs a bit more thought.

Since I did a major decluttering when we painted the loft, we were able to get a couple of accessories to replace those that were no longer...Us.

 Bill got this really cute masculine candle lantern that he plans to use in his office, and I got the Owl candle holder and the 2 milk bottles.

The milk bottles are going to be so sweet on my kitchen table as vases with single stem flowers in them.  
The owl? Well, it's just the perfect touch of whimsy and will eventually live in our bedroom.
We have also picked up a couple pieces of furniture, all of which are project pieces, but now that spring is almost upons us I will be able to get to them!

First up is this Chair, It was a $10 Craiglsit buy and really, if the fabric weren't so dated and ugly, it wouldn't need any work!
I also got an antique vanity ($35!! A major steal!), but I don't have pictures yet, and it DOES need work! And for the kitchen, this Stand was a great bargain and allows me to store my glassware out where I can see how pretty they all are when they aren't in use!

And yes, I do use the vintage glasswares, even the Pyrex mixing bowls That were a new in the box gift from my SIL a few years ago(thank you again Lisa!!!). What's the sense in having them if you aren't going to use them, Right? .
And finally, last week I started scouring used furniture stores and thrift shops looking for a tv stand for the new tv. I knew what I wanted, but I was having NO luck!
Finally, on my way home from what I thought was my last attempt I spotted a goodwill..How I'd missed it on my way (I was enroute to a rummage sale) I have no idea..I guess I was paying too much attention the the GPS LOL!
Anyhow, I zipped into the parking lot and popped inside. I looked around at a few things, and found a cute vintage plate to add to my dining room wall, a very small chicken wire egg basket for my easter display and was on my way to check out when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of This:

Is it perfect? No, It's scratched..fairly deeply on the front there, and the chrome knobs will be going sooner than later. But other than that it is *almost* what I was looking for in a tv stand. BUT it was $20! SO when it warms up it will go out to the garage for a makeover, and I will not bemoan the lack of shelves or drawers between the glass doors, nor will I cringe over the modern lines of the legs, because really? once it's painted and distressed with some awesome new knobs, I am going to LOVE it!

I will be back later this week with the rest of my latest finds, and hopefully a craft or 3!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let Freedom Ring!!

No, I'm not singing God Bless America, I'm referring to the fact that as of today, We are officially free of all Credit Card debt !!!

This is a giant step towards being completely debt free (not counting the mortgage) And I know that with sticking with a budget we will continue to chip away at the wall until it finally comes crashing down! 

In the meantime, as a reward we did splurge a bit..and are really enjoying the picture quality of our new Aquos!

Let the search for the perfect TV stand begin! Tomorrow I plan on hitting the used furniture and thrift stores, I haven't found what I'm looking for in the big chains as of yet, but for tonight, some more TV is in order ;)