Friday, October 30, 2009

And the Winner is....


ivoryspring said...

Your bag is lovely.

A mistake I made: Not checking to make sure scraps were thrown away, and I accidentally quilted a piece of scrap onto the back of my quilt.

Thank you for visiting and leaving the kind comment

I'll be contacting you shortly!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your "mistakes" :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fabric goodness..And another give away!!!

I love playing in fabrics..It gets the juices going to be creative..I just wish I could sew as quickly as I get ideas!

A small mix of old and new stash:

And now for the give away!

Jackie over at Canton Village Quiltworks is having a HUGE Quilt Market Giveaway!

Make sure to head over and enter!

And There's still time to enter my give away for the Peppermint Twist pattern..I'll draw the lucky winner tomorrow evening!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Why it's important..

to read the directions, even on your own design.

See those ties? They're supposed to be about 1.25" higher than they are.

I am not taking it apart to fix it. If I had noticed it sooner I'd have fixed them...maybe.

I'm fairly happy with the bag other than that..

and I'm loving the paisley applique :)

In other news, I just finished this new bag in Hot Blossom, coming soon to an Artfire, Etsy or eBay store near you!

So, How about a giveaway!
I have a copy of Peppermint Twist Tree skirt by Briarwood Cottage that I will send to a lucky person.

How do you enter?
Leave a comment here with a sewing mistake you've made that you *didn't* fix!

That's it!
A winner will be selected using on Thursday and will be announced in the Sew and Tell Fridays post.

Good Luck and even better sewing!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's the simple things..

that can make a big impact. Updating your curtains for example, can completely change the look of a room. While I was cleaning my kitchen windows yesterday (Gasp, yes, I did my windows!!) I decided I needed to wash my valance. Upon taking it down I noticed that it was looking a bit worn and faded..and after all it has been in use for a few (5) years now.

So off I went to my studio to get the fabric I'd cut a year ago for that window, and then changed my mind about, and with a snap of my rolled hem foot and bit of pressing, My window is now newly dressed..And I am ever so glad I changed my mind about those pears again!

Next up? Placemats and napkins to match methinks :)

Fabric by Kokka

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gotta Haves..

I've got just 1 word for this new line from Red Rooster Fabrics: YUM!!
I need these fabrics..Seriously,(cause I know you're reading this Honey hehe)..I do!!

Promises from Red Rooster fabrics, designed by Red Rooster Studios

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fantastic Giveaway!

Kim over at Bitty Bits and pieces is having a Fall Giveaway..and it is FAB!

Hurry over and check it out, it ends tomorrow!

Bitty Bits and Pieces

Plans for this week..

Tomorrow I need to get some serious reorganizing done in my office, so that later in the week I can copy this:crazy mom quilts: again with the sheets.

While I may not have an IKEA around (Why? Why is the closest IKEA 103 miles away?!?!)
I do have a Target..So I will be making a field trip, and While hubby is building me more of these:

I will try to find somewhere to put one of those designs walls!

I may have to go smaller..My studio isn't very large and I already have a lot crammed in here. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced I need to move down to the basement.

I love being on the main floor of the house, but I either need more room, or I need to get rid of half or more of my stash...Nah not gonna happen!! LOL!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sew & Tell Fridays

Today I find myself in a bit of a quandry..I have a finish, kind of.
That is to say, I have finished sewing my newest design, but I still have to finish the pattern.

This has developed into the hardest part of pattern making. Right now I've got 5 patterns written up with pictures of the finished product. But so far only 1 pattern has the how to photos to go with the instructions, and while minion 1 didn't mind taking those while I worked (ok, ok, so I bribed him..I would have had to pay a pro 10x what I paid him hehe)Now that he has a steady, I'm not sure it will be so easy to get him off his cell long enough to repeat the process once, let alone another 5 times.

So with the hopes that this will count as a finish, here's my newest bag design, Joy:

I just love the quilt-y goodness..I still can't believe the difference having the correct foot makes when it comes to doing free motion! I just always thought I couldn't do it ;)

She can have her sides tied tightly together for 1 look, or loosely for another..Don't worry, the gathered sides keep her from seeming too boxy either way!

Oh..and did I mention the pockets inside?!?! She has 12 (!) counting a credit card pocket stashed behind a side pocket, and 3 pen pockets.

The only bad thing about Joy is that since I made her in the scrumptious Be Merry fabrics (Riley Blake Designs)that inspired her design, I can't carry her yet! Well, I probably could, but I think that would be rushing winter a bit ;)

Oh!! Don't forget to check out what everyone else has been finishing up..and join us for sew & tell Fridays..Click the button to head over to Amylouwho's blog to see the list of participants!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Is harder than it seems. Not the writing, nor the having something to share, it's the remembering to do it!!

So this time I'm going to try something a little different. We'll see if it works :)

Please don't mind the dust, I'm still working out the kinks and getting buttons and links etc for the quilt alongs, challenges and yummy blog land goodness that I'm trying to keep up with ;)

In the meantime, my First sew & tell Friday post (make sure you head over to join in!!)..a few days early I know, But hubby has been in Kentucky since Monday night so I've gotten a LOT done!

First up, my version of Crazy Mom quilts ragged squares quilt.

The back, This is my favorite..I am so going to make a quilt like this. I'm thinking probably for our bedroom! Also on my favorite list is that scrumptious pink fabric..It's an odd pink and hard to match but it just appeals.

and I'm ashamed to admit, my first "correctly" applied binding. It was machine sewn on the front and hand sewn down on the back, complete with mitered corners :)

Also on the finished table today, goodies for my upcoming craft show, and not pictured, is an apron order that has been delivered and a rag quilt that is currently being washed.