Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sew and Tell Friday on Thursday

Wow..After missing several, I actually have a finished project for Friday's Sew and Tell!

This originally started out as a gift...but upon reflection and discussion with Hubby, it was decided that the other idea we had would be appreciated more and so the completed top went into the "thought about finishing it" pile.

Last night I was feeling a bit "crafty" and was in the mood for handwork. I could have cross stitched, and I should more often, but instead I decided to pin and quilt this runner so I could hand sew the binding on.

I have to say that I'm glad I did.

The top is my own design using using a few cuts from a Crazy eights turnover from Moda and an ivory/cream solid.

The binding is the same Fabric Traditions print that was pieced with the ivory for the back of the runner.

I am still trying to find my quilting style..Stippling works for now, but I honestly think this would have been awesome quilted in pebble quilting. I did write my pattern as I made it, so I will be able to duplicate it in non holiday fabrics. The plan is to practice pebble quilting a lot so I can try it on this design :)

I love how the swirls in the triangles show so well on the back, I hope I didn't under/over quilt it, I want a nice crinkly finish without it being too "bunched" to use on my table.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meet Harold..

Harold is the newest member of our household. He was "born" in the wee hours of the morning and was originally intended to be available for purchase. Until I heard the simple and sweet "Can I keep him?" from my youngest son. I, of course, could not even think of saying no. He's growing so quickly, and has reached that age when they start losing interest in the simple joy of a stuffed friend.

My husband and I are fortunate that our children have a very well defined sense of sentimentality and Family. It makes me proud to see them conversing with the older members of our family, to know they are well and truly interested in what their elders have to say, and knowing the history that is being passed verbally from old to young.

This same trait is what makes a 17 year old take an active interest in his Great Grandma , a 14 yr old to look for links to anyone with the same last name because they may be family, and an eleven yr old boy use a sunbonnet sue quilt, because his Dad's Granny made it, or have a crocheted rose because his Mom's Mom made it, and adopt a sock monkey and name him Harold because his Mom made it "From socks? just 1 pair? really? cool!".

Truly, I am blessed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New stash?

Originally I bought most of these prints for my store, but now that they are here, I just don't think I want to sell any of them!

A compromise may just be in order here..I'm sure that a yard or 2 making it's way into my personal fabric stash wouldn't be missed, would it?

While I mull it over, I should get to pinning..note the "should" in that sentence. Since Minion 2 has a Doc's appointment smack in the middle of my day today I'm *not* going to pin, instead I'm going to cut and piece a topper for my coffee table, that will match my new living room quilt that I will be making using Amanda Jean's Tute from yesterday.

I'll be using mostly flights of fancy by Paula Prass. For the center panels of both the quilt and the quilt inspired topper, I will be using Ocean Par Avion. Of course, I only have a 1 yard cut of the par avion in my stash, so while I'm waiting for the 2 yard cut needed for the quilt I'm going to start on the topper.

I'm not entirely sold on the brown for the background..I may end up popping over to Hobby Lobby to grab some Espresso Kona..It will depend on how it looks when my pieces are all cut.

So time to get at it, hopefully I'll have a table topper to share with you soon!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ok, so it's been

a few weeks since my last post. I have no defense, I'm easily distracted..and Facebook is very addicting. I have still been sewing a bit from time to time, but mainly I've just been trying to clean up and out some of the unecessary things we seemed to have accumulated over the years.

Of course, sometimes you just have to get a little something new....ish.

Hubby and I were out shopping last Friday and we stopped by the local thrift shop to pick up this revolving slat board rack I'd found there the week before.

While there, I spotted this fantastic iron chair..for $9.98!!!

Hubby, (sweet, sweet man that he is) bought it for me with a shake of his head..he doesn't understand my compulsion to aquire furniture, nor does he know where on earth we'll find room for it, but then, neither do I LOL!!

I'm thinking it just needs a white wash, and maybe an Ava Rose or Darla..hmm..or Flights of fancy..maybe some fairy tip toes? I guess I need to either think about it some more, or just make some slip covers so I can change it out LOL.

Now for some textile about a couple of sneak peeks? I can't show all of them, as they are gifts for readers of my blog here, but here's a couple of just about finished Gifts..

And this isn't a gift, but I just finished this quilt top today..I used Amanda Jean's tutorial here

This is my "test" quilt, before I cut into my Flights Of Fancy or Be Merry prints I wanted to make sure I liked it in person as much as I like Amanda Jean's. So far so good :). I did change it up just a bit. Instead of mixing up the 2 1/2" strips for a randomness, I elected to plan these to "fade" from blue to lavender and back up to pink, back down to lavender, and so on. I really like the effect for this particular fabric collection.

I'm hoping to get it pinned and quilted before the weekend so I will still have time to get a Be Merry one made, but I have to finish the gifts first!!