Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thrifting and crafting and sewing Oh my! II

Part 2: Crafting
The other night I crafted this heart wreath while we watched Idol (I just love Steven Tyler as a judge, he is a riot!)
I didn't take pictures like I meant to, but it was very easy to make.
All you need is Florist's wire, Florist's tape and a few strands of bendable stems (beads, pips, vines or flowers..just as long as they will bend.
I used 5 strands of Floral wire cut to the same length. Shape into a heart ish shape (you will work on this more in a bit) With Florist's tape, cover the 2 ends of the strands together, forming a v shape for the dip of the heart.
Randomly secure strands together with bits of a tape.
Now you will play with your base strand shape until it is pleasing to you, Set aside.
I, Unfortunately, only had 1 of the "berry" stems. They were an after Christmas
Clearance purchase at Meijer. So mine didn't get filled out a lot. But I have to admit I like it better this's different :)
Anyhow, Start cutting and adding pieces to your wreath, twisting and shaping where needed.
You can also use the florist's tape on the ends of them to secure them. Continue until your wreath is a full as you would like, then make any adjustments that may be needed to the shape.
Make a small wire loop out of the florsit's wire, twist onto the wreath and there you go..a very, cute heart wreath for next to no cost!
Breakdown of Cost:
Florist wire: $1.00 @ dollar tree
Florist tape:$1.00 @ Dollar Tree
Beaded stem: $1.99 @ Meijer
Total: $3.99 + tax Not bad at all...and I have plenty of wire and florists tape for future projects.
This one has been almost done for ages.
I had my glue gun out for a quick fix the other day so I went ahead and got the (also previously) Rose glued to it and set it in the bottom corner of an empty frame.

Happy Crafting!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thrifting and crafting and Sewing oh my!

Part 1: Thrifting

Can you say Score?

Yesterday I needed to make a run south to add some inventory to my booth. Normally there's at least 1 person going with me but it worked out that yesterday I made the trip alone.

Now, if you've been a reader of my blog for a little while, you know that I am a shopaholic, And I don't mean in the tongue in cheek kind of way. so making this trip was a big step for me. Armed with $20 that was mine to spend in any manner I chose (shopaholic = cash only and a strict budget!) I went on my way with the plans to stop at a number of my favorite non chain stores to shop, which included several thrift stores, an indoor flea market and 3 antique malls.

Well, I only made it to 2 of the thrifts stores BUT I stayed under budget even though I desperately wanted to buy more. When the cash was gone I canceled the rest of my stops, as to not push the temptation to reach for my reserve emergency card too far, and went on down the road.

Thanks to sales and bundling, I stretched that 20 bucks as far and possible, then tugged a bit more out of it!

My unpictured haul: 3 vintage pillowcases, 1 vintage table cloth prepped for embroidery, still new in the package, 3 cornicopias, 8 porcelain knobs, a wood basketball game, a handmade wood marionette, 2 unopened packs of green bead garland, a wood candle stick, a snowman jar, 3 belts (have an idea for these!) and some ric rac.
Oh! and just because I love it so, Here's a picture of my vintage tablecloth I picked up on a previous approved trip :)

If you would like to see close up pics of the vintage sheets, you can find them here.
Stay tuned for part 2..Crafting!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Decisions, Decisions and a tutorial

Today I embarked on a great craft idea..I waffled about it next to final step, and decided to go ahead and finish it. Yeah, I'm not liking it so much. In fact I dislike it so much, that, I won't be posting it, at least not until I have the chance to stop in for a few new containers to remake it in my "Duh! Now why didn't I think of that earlier!!" vision.

In the meantime, I finally made up my mind about what project I am going to enter in the American Crafter Contest. I have decided to enter my Memo board, I considered entering my Fall wreath, but I'm not sure if there is a cap on when the project was supposed to be made.

Without further ado, here's a minor repeat for those who follow my blog..My new memo board, dressed for Christmas still I'm afraid, but still darling.
Of course, you know that the first step to any project is to gather your supplies..and if you plan to do a tutorial, you really should be a good blogger and make sure you get pictures all the way through the process, so pretend you saw the frame before I primed it lol. Ok, here is what you will need.
  1. A Large wood frame. Mine didn't have a back or glass, but if you have one with both you can do the alternative finishing, so don't get rid of it until you know for sure which way you want to go :)
  2. Spray adhesive if your frame is glassless
  3. Paint. I used Plaid Glossy, which oddly enough I have only been able to find at walmart, hmm.
  4. Small Clothespins (NOT the minis, the 1.5"-2" ones)
  5. Florists Wire
  6. Paper or fabric lagre enough to cover backing.
  7. Foam core if your frame is backless.
  8. Assorted painting, cutting and measuring devices
  9. Thumbtacks, I chose white
  10. Needlenose pliers
This was an old frame that Hubby and I picked up for cheap (I'm thinking we paid $2.99) at local thrift store

It was missing the glass, backing and at some point someone had decided to hang it upside down. Originally it was a faux cherry color.

The first step was to clean it and take the extra hanger from the back bottom. Then I primed it with white. While The primer was drying on the frame, I got to work on the backing. For those whose frame is missing the backing and/or glass:

I had taken measurments of the opening before priming so I marked my cut lines onto foam core and cut it out. Then I cut a slightly larger piece of the paper I was using.When my pieces were cut and ready to go I sprayed the foam core with a light coating of adhesive spray. Putting my paper print side down on the table I carefully position the sticky back down on the center of the paper. Turn the backing over and smooth any air bubble there may be on your front.
For those of you who have both backing and glass, cut your paper/fabric to the size of your backing and place as you would a photo when the frame is completely dry and ready to go. now that the backing was done it was time to work on the clips.

I don't recommend trying to paint clothespins while they are put together, so the first step for these is to take those babies apart. Make sure you put the springs somewhere safe, you'll need them when the clips are dry! The ones pictured here are for my friend Mollie's, She used regular sized clips as hers was a smaller frame and still had the glass. I had already painted my clips the night before so I'm showing hers to have a photo hehe.Paint the clips in your desired colors (mine were all Plaid Glossy). let dry, flip and paint other side. Repeat as necessary.

By now your frame's primer coat will be ready for some color. I chose a nice bright aqua/blue from Plaid's Glossy line and painted it using a foam brush. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Now it's time for those to dry while having a bit of a snack and chat with a friend ;)

Ok, so now that everything is dry we are going to first put those pins back together, once that is done It's time for your finishing touches.

Take your florists wire and straighten it out. measure out enough to reach from one side of the frame to the next, and adding an extra 2-3" cut the number of lengths you plan to use on your board. Mine was 2, Mollie decided on 1.

Take your thumbtacks and set them next to where you would like your hanging line to be, I used a yard stick and level to make sure mine were straight across from each other.

Push 1 thumbtack almost all the way into the side of the frame piece, and using the needlenose pliers wrap one end of the wire around the stem of the tack a few times. tuck end under the tack top and push the tack the rest of the way into the frame.

Now we will thread the wire through the springs of the clips and stretch wire across to the other tack, pulling taughtly. Be carefull not to pull too tightly as this can pull your first tack out. Now you will wrap the other end of the wire around the other tack just as you did for the first one. This time you will stop after 3 wraps to just if you have too much wire left. if so cut it off about 1/2" from tack, the continue wrapping, tuck under and push the tack the rest of the way in.

Repeat if you want to have more than one hanging wire.

With Mollie's, since she had glass, we hung the wire low enough for her to have a space for Dry erase messages..don't worry, the dry erase works wonderfully when you aren't using a should have been tossed already marker hehe.I could have put anther hanging wire across the top of mine, But I have plans for that area just as soon as I own a silhouette!

My final touch was the red cardinal perched on the top, He's just taped there so I can change him out with the seasons :)

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sharing some crafting from over the holidays!

I've not been being very productive the past little while, but just before Christmas I had been doing much better. Since I didn't blog much during that time I thought I might share some of my projects now.

This one wasn't me actually, Hubby took care of it for me while I was doing other things :)
Our cheesy cheapo dining room chandelier went from ick to slick with the help of a can of ORB and by replacing the glass globes with inexpensive shades. The shades are in line for some burlap treatment when I get to it :)

My Memo center, dressed for the Holiday

My friend Mollie's version, this frame still had it's glass so it only got 1 wire of clips in order to utilize dry erase markers as well.

I just Love me some Embellished towels, don't you?

Too cute Elephants!

Owlberta, She can actually grasp some surfaces in order to perch on her own.

Ribbon rose ornament, this was so super simple to make!

So that's all I have pictures of, there was more creativity going on but it's been a few weeks and well, who can remember it all?!?

Time to go take down the rest of Christmas, Later!