Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thrifting and crafting and sewing Oh my! II

Part 2: Crafting
The other night I crafted this heart wreath while we watched Idol (I just love Steven Tyler as a judge, he is a riot!)
I didn't take pictures like I meant to, but it was very easy to make.
All you need is Florist's wire, Florist's tape and a few strands of bendable stems (beads, pips, vines or flowers..just as long as they will bend.
I used 5 strands of Floral wire cut to the same length. Shape into a heart ish shape (you will work on this more in a bit) With Florist's tape, cover the 2 ends of the strands together, forming a v shape for the dip of the heart.
Randomly secure strands together with bits of a tape.
Now you will play with your base strand shape until it is pleasing to you, Set aside.
I, Unfortunately, only had 1 of the "berry" stems. They were an after Christmas
Clearance purchase at Meijer. So mine didn't get filled out a lot. But I have to admit I like it better this's different :)
Anyhow, Start cutting and adding pieces to your wreath, twisting and shaping where needed.
You can also use the florist's tape on the ends of them to secure them. Continue until your wreath is a full as you would like, then make any adjustments that may be needed to the shape.
Make a small wire loop out of the florsit's wire, twist onto the wreath and there you go..a very, cute heart wreath for next to no cost!
Breakdown of Cost:
Florist wire: $1.00 @ dollar tree
Florist tape:$1.00 @ Dollar Tree
Beaded stem: $1.99 @ Meijer
Total: $3.99 + tax Not bad at all...and I have plenty of wire and florists tape for future projects.
This one has been almost done for ages.
I had my glue gun out for a quick fix the other day so I went ahead and got the (also previously) Rose glued to it and set it in the bottom corner of an empty frame.

Happy Crafting!

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