Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Won!!!!!

Oh my goodness..I was totally dying to spill yesterday when I came home to an email Saying that I..ME! was the winner of the Ramsign Giveaway over at FleaMartkettrixie!

Oh I am SO excited about it, we are going to order a nameplate like this that reads McCoy Manor for our house :)

I just want to say thank you to Trixie, And to Ramsign for Offering such a fabulous prize to one of her readers (ME! LOL)


Friday, February 25, 2011

Ahh..Where there's a will, there's a way!

I am Happy to say that the towel tutorial is at the testers, and has been since yesterday, so hopefully I will be able to post it this weekend. This is very exciting for me, Since the decision to end Shee Designs as a business and fall back to a hobbyist level, the creative ideas have been flowing like crazy. In the past week I've completed the totwel tutorial, a fabric rosette ring (tutorial coming soon) and a new pattern titled "In a clutch" (Thank you again Carolyn for the's AWESOME!) Plus about 4 more project ideas in various stages of development.

I've started printing out some inspiration pictures for our house, now that all of the children are older, we will be mostly toy free. which allows for a LOT more flexibility design and decor wise.

In other news, Bill has just this week changed over to a job in the company that will allow him to work at home, which could be fantastic..or an utter disaster LOL.
Seriously though, I think the fantastic days will far out number the sick of each other days.

The new meds are a mixed blessing. The pristiq I take in the mornings for depression really helps to get me moving and rocks the anti depression angle, however the seroquel I take at night for the mania basically overrides this effect and leaves me groggy and sleepy for hours after I wake up the next day. My doctor assures me that this wears off after a couple of weeks so I should just give it time, But I have to admit that, at times, it is so tempting to drop the seroquel and ignore deal with the mania just to be able to get things done!

Maybe if I'd started them both at the same time and not realized how good I felt on the pristiq alone I would be more enthusiastic about waiting out the sleepies, but I didn't, I had almost a week of getting more than should have been possible accomplished before starting the make me sleep Seroquel. Oh well, it is what it is and there's no sense in dwelling on it. This too Shall Pass.

Well, I will leave you with this peek at In A Clutch sans straps, and am going to go see about making another one for pattern writing purposes.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Technical difficulties

Well..I have 2 tutorials ready to be shared here, and am working on a new clutch design as well, But it seems that something is not quite right as Both mine and my Husbands efforts to convert my word documents to PDFs have been fruitless thus far. Something is causing an error. We have a couple more ideas, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. Right now I'm off to sew up my new clutch, and will leave you with these sneak peeks :)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Coming Soon!

I will be starting off with a bang In the next few days with a Fantabulous Tutorial for the kitchen! You won't want to miss this!

I heart Olive Rue and How about a tutorial?

Last week I was able to take advantage of OliveRue's Valentines Sale, but it was so hard to choose what to get, I LOVE her images, and they are so versatile!

While I have a lot of projects lined up and some even started for many of the sale designs, I'd like to share what must be a particular favorite of mine..(after all, I bought it a few days before the sale..and then again AT the sale! LOL No worries though, Crystal is Fantabulous and a quick email about this and one other duplicate purchase and she swapped them out in no time flat :)) her Bon Appetit image.

Last night I was in the mood to do some playing sewing and remembered a package of flour sack towels I'd bought at walmart previously. I wish I could say I'd thought to snap a comeplete before picture, but I'm a bad blogger and didn't. They aren't hard to find, they are with the kitchen towels and come in a 5 pack for $5.47.
So anyhow, these towels are HUGE! They come in at approximately 29" x 30".
Which is a bit too large for my purposes. So with a bit of a snip from my scissors and a tiny bit of humming from my machine I ended up with these:

Today I'm going to share how I made the Second one, Stay tuned for the pattern for the 3rd towel to for sale in my shop soon! :).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifting haul and a challenge

So here I am again..and I've been noticing a trend of mostly shopping posts here lately..I need to fix that..really.

Today Mom had an appointment downtown so I planned a quick (NOT! LOL) stop in at the thrift store.

With a little help from my absolutely wonderful husband I was able to whittle a cart FULL of things I didn't need down to this plus a few articles of clothing:

My only regretted non purchase was a mirror/picture frame with knobs..and I might go back for it.

Grand total was $35. In addition to what you see in the picture, there was a pair of Sonoma jeans for minion 2, and 3 shirts for me. More on one of the shirts later.

I have achievable plans for everything here.

The arm chair tray will get a coat of paint to match my tray and be of use during family movie night, or when I'm stitching.

The airplane picture frame will go into Minion 3's's metal and the propellers actually spin..So cool!

I go through so much stitch witchery that it isn't funny, so I will put it to good use and the tiny package is actually a pair of joints for a jointed monkey I plan to make soon.

The spindles and finial are for wreath hangers.

These metal containers seem to have been made for herbs (there were originally from world market and marked at $3.00 a piece, I scored these babies for $0.90 each!!) But I will use them for glitters and beads.

And the glass globe was originally for a porch light or similar, but I have an idea for it that I will share with you after the weekend.

I love the pebble like texture of the globe.

And this wasn't part of the thrifting haul, but it didn't arrive until today, Hubby knows just exactly what to give a shopper for any occasion...Guilt free shopping!

With my Valentines mad money (Thank you again Honey! SMOOOOCH!) I/Bill got me this really cool vintage magazine rack..Which will of course get a nice new coat of....., Well, I haven't decided that yet lol!

It's double sided, and the plan is to keep my Country Living magazines (from the new subscription that I/Bill also got me for Valentines) and softcover crafting/needlework books close at hand and showcased here.

Love it :)

And now for the challenge..and one of my new to me shirts.

Over the past many years I've been really losing my battle with the scales. I could give many, many, reasons and excuses for this, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that I need to lose weight.

I will never be "skinny", I will never be like many of the young little petite bloggers that I follow, nor would I want to. I am too big. I'm 5' 6.5" tall, and even right after Highschool when I *wasn't* overweight, I couldn't wear the same clothes as the rest of the girls, my frame is just too large. I couldn't (and still can' I'm allergic LOL) even wear bracelets, watches or anklets without special ordering them.

And I'm ok with that, this isn't about trying to look like a fashion model, this is about becoming healthy, this is about elongating my life expectancy so that I may (with grace and luck) live a long life full of *doing* and not just being.

So today I bought this new to me shirt. 2 sizes smaller than I am now.

(I do have to say that, I heart this shirt, it is totally "me" as even hubby will agree, and I cannot wait to wear it!)

The challenge?

To lose enough weight and tone enough muscle to wear this shirt before the first frost of next winter by making healthier food choices and excercising..lots and lots of excercising. Anyone up to joining me?

The shirt will hang there on my wall (where everyone coming over will see) every day from today until I am able to wear it. It hangs directly in front of my cardio glide, which, unfortunately, I haven't used consistantly in years.

I know that using this machine works..I've had success with it and NOT watched what I ate. So I will be using it to ease back in and strengthen some muscles before going on to more jarring (3 herniated discs...) and strenuous excercises (like jogging).

Once I find one I will be adding a weight countdown to mark my progress, and plan to post weekly updates of my meal journal in order to create some accountability.

But for tonight, my last night of indulgence, I'm going to have Nachos, smothered in meat, cheese and sour cream..they will be the last I get to have until I'm at my first goal of 15lbs off!



Sunday, February 13, 2011

My shopping and crafting list...

Ok, here's my shopping list for the upcoming spring project..My Dining room!

Cost: $16.95

Cost: $17.95

Cost: $16.95

Cost: $4.95 ea Qty: 3

Cost: $7.95 ea. qty: 6

And though they are OOS..Iwould love to have a set of the crown China..Hopefully they will get more in stock.

These aren't for the dining room, but I've been looking for the perfect towel holder for my vintage tea towels in my Kitchen and I think this is it :)

Cost: $9.95 Qty: 2
And this I just love and think it needs to reside in my craft room, don'y you?
Cost: $5.95

On the list for creating my own versions:

And wow..I love these curtains..I borrowed the picture from The Shabby Chic Cottage
Gina is amazing, Click on the picture to see her fabulous cottage bathroom..Love. it.!
I guess I'd better get my rear in gear decluttering so that as soon as it warms up I can get started!!!