Friday, February 25, 2011

Ahh..Where there's a will, there's a way!

I am Happy to say that the towel tutorial is at the testers, and has been since yesterday, so hopefully I will be able to post it this weekend. This is very exciting for me, Since the decision to end Shee Designs as a business and fall back to a hobbyist level, the creative ideas have been flowing like crazy. In the past week I've completed the totwel tutorial, a fabric rosette ring (tutorial coming soon) and a new pattern titled "In a clutch" (Thank you again Carolyn for the's AWESOME!) Plus about 4 more project ideas in various stages of development.

I've started printing out some inspiration pictures for our house, now that all of the children are older, we will be mostly toy free. which allows for a LOT more flexibility design and decor wise.

In other news, Bill has just this week changed over to a job in the company that will allow him to work at home, which could be fantastic..or an utter disaster LOL.
Seriously though, I think the fantastic days will far out number the sick of each other days.

The new meds are a mixed blessing. The pristiq I take in the mornings for depression really helps to get me moving and rocks the anti depression angle, however the seroquel I take at night for the mania basically overrides this effect and leaves me groggy and sleepy for hours after I wake up the next day. My doctor assures me that this wears off after a couple of weeks so I should just give it time, But I have to admit that, at times, it is so tempting to drop the seroquel and ignore deal with the mania just to be able to get things done!

Maybe if I'd started them both at the same time and not realized how good I felt on the pristiq alone I would be more enthusiastic about waiting out the sleepies, but I didn't, I had almost a week of getting more than should have been possible accomplished before starting the make me sleep Seroquel. Oh well, it is what it is and there's no sense in dwelling on it. This too Shall Pass.

Well, I will leave you with this peek at In A Clutch sans straps, and am going to go see about making another one for pattern writing purposes.



Pattie said...

Hi Michelle, found you over at Flea Market Trixie love your blog come over a visit some time I'm your newest follower and Congrats on your win....


PTK Designs said...

Hi, Michelle
Hang in there - it does get better. I have been on meds for depression for a very long time. I also take meds for fibromyalgia. There is an adjustment period but is well worth it in the long run. I will be cheering for you on the sidelines. And I applaud you sharing your illness publicly. You are a very strong and brave woman.