Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project Decrapification

I'm going to let you all see some of the craziness that is a Bipolar, thrift store Junkie, shopaholic, crafty, OCD's space when let go unchecked, and the journey to reclaiming it. Today's mission? The loft Library.

Once upon a time the books were all put away and organized but the space lacked character. I've been slowly working on that, and now that most of the pieces have been collected it's time to put them all in place and get rid of the clutter that has been living here for far too long.
Eventually the space here with the 3 unmatched bookshelves will be a long section of built-ins, Unfortunately that is a ways off so for this makeover we will use what we have.

The mattress is Minion 2s old nasty mattress, and is already scheduled to be picked up tomorrow ( In the Columbus ohio tax area Trash pick up is free, but if you want to dispose of anything that won't fit into your minidumpster, you have to schedule a special pick up date..but you can't put anything in any kind of bags...annoying but what can ya do? LOL) along with up to 5 boxes of junk (non donatables like old toys that have been banned under the new CPSIA laws)

The rest of the things lying around are decor items purchased or repurposed for the room that just haven't been placed, more books that have been aquired, or older books that haven't been put away (one of my biggest pet peeves!) And you can see stacks of quilting magazines and cross stitching supplies that need to be gone through and thinned out, a lot. My goal today is to get the space cleaned, organized and possibly painted, We'll see how it goes :)


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